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At a Fridays for Future demonstration on February 14, 2020 in Stockholm, I spotted a mother with her two children. She represented Fridays for Future perfectly, so I asked her if I could take her picture. She nodded, Yes. Deeply grateful, I quickly focused on her dark, determined eyes, then clicked the shutter.

I showed her the picture in the window on the back of my camera. She seemed please, and nodded that it was fine.

Later, when I looked at this picture on my laptop screen, I saw that it was a portrait of a woman deeply proud of her children, a woman determined to give them a genuine future.

I added her picture to the book which I had just finished, a book about the world which her children will inherit. A world without fossil fuels; a world filled with sunshine and wind . . . and hope.
Perhaps she will discover her portrait, like the central theme in a Tchaikovsky symphony, radiant with humanity, in the final pages of the book. Perhaps we will meet again, so that I can tell her “Thank you” in her native language.

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The Climate Classroom
A Bold New Education
for the 21st Century

Volume I:
The Climate Crisis

Volume II:
The Clean Energy Renaissance