The World Was Made For Love

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Sometimes we need to get beyond the daily blur of information, so that we can think about the Big Picture of our world today.  Poems give us a bite-size nugget in a short period of time, so that we have something to think about as we go through our day.

The 85 poems in The World Was Made For Love are crystal clear.  They enable you to reach with your thoughts into your own future.  They help you to understand how we together can build a better future, around the entire planet.

Woven among the poems are photographs which give each poem a foundation in reality.  You will remember the poems, and you will remember the pictures.

As in all of the books by John Slade, we move from an honest appraisal of our troubled world today . . . to a solid vision of hope, and determination.  We have everything we need to build the Renaissance of the 21st Century.

You can read Sample Poems here.

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