The Cathedrals of the 21st Century

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The Cathedrals of the 21st Century is an unprecedented novel which takes us from “the world as it is”—battered by the climate crisis, devastated by unrelenting war—to “the world as it could be”—green and peaceful, as the world was meant to be.

This novel is not a fantasy, but a realistic story based on thirty years of research in the interwoven fields of war, climate change, and clean energy.  We follow three young Ukrainian soldiers as they move from the constant threat of death in the war zone, to a vibrant university in Scotland, where the Renaissance of the 21st Century has already begun.

Krystiyan, 18 years old, explores the offshore wind turbines which will wrap around Scotland’s coast, as he prepares to rebuild Ukraine with 100% green energy, provided in part by offshore wind turbines in the Black Sea.

Larysa, a young woman of 20, works toward degrees in both marine biology and environmental law.  She will defend the rights of her Ukrainian people, but she will also defend the rights of biospheres around the planet.

Oleksandr, a former math teacher of 25, now captain of his infantry squad, wants to become the Director of Education for Ukraine, so that every school will teach 21st Century courses, including “The Madness of War, and the Architecture of Peace.”

The story moves from the war zone in Ukraine in 2022 . . . to Ukraine and the world twenty-five years later—the span of an industrious generation—in 2047.  Larysa and Oleksandr have two children.  Dmitro, 20, a university student, works with a team of researchers, including Russian scientists, monitoring climate progress in the Arctic.  Elyzaveta, 18, who has inherited her father’s talent on the piano, is a gifted composer.  In the Odesa Opera House, she presents to the world her first piano concerto.  She is a child of the Renaissance of the 21st Century, showing us who we could be, on our long human journey.

Sample Chapters:

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