A Letter to the Voters in the American Election of 2020

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         A Letter to the Voters in the American Election of 2020 takes us back to the founding of our unprecedented nation, so that we can look with a critical eye at where we are today.  The Founding Fathers meet once again at Independence Hall in Philadelphia.  They gather in the candlelit room where they wrote the sacred documents that launched America.  In shock, they wonder, What has happened to the nation which they created?  And how can America become once again the democracy that served as a model to the world?

Fourteen engaging stories explore America’s recent history, right up to the Climate Crisis, the Corona Crisis, and the Civil Rights Uprising which challenge us today.  Solutions are within our reach, all within the Spirit of America, if we, on election day in November, vote with a clear vision of a far better future.

You can read this short book on a Sunday afternoon.  It will lift you up, make you feel better, and enable you to vote with genuine hope on that day in November, 2020, four hundred years after the Pilgrims dropped anchor off the coast of the New World in December of 1620.

A California Girl who plays the cello is waiting to meet you.
A veteran from the war in Iraq is waiting to meet you.
John and Martin and Bobby are waiting to meet you.
In Valley Forge during the winter of starvation, 1776-1777, one of every eleven soldiers, 1/9th of General Washington’s army, were African American.  “Their soul was woven into the soul of America.  It still is today.”

Their descendants are waiting to meet you.

In November of 2020, the entire world will be watching.  And hoping for us to make the right decisions.

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Read a sample of the book here.


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